Who is Beth?

Who is Beth?

I’m Beth!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re always facing these problem(s):

  • Searching for recipes to make with your kids
  • Looking for parenting advice
  • Constantly looking for ideas for day trips with kids
  • Ever wondering what crafts to create…

I’ve made this blog to help you!

I will:

  • share family favourite recipes that your kids can make with you!
  • offer advice for “what to do when…”, although this advice is going to be more anecdotal!
  • propose ideas on where to go for a day out with kids of all ages! I do live in the north west of England, but I am able to give ideas for all across England, Wales and Scotland.
  • suggest crafting projects for you and your little (or not so little) ones – but I will not be held responsible if your finished piece looks like a 2 year old has made it!

You’ve still not told us about Beth.

Oh my gosh, you’re right!

So, I’m Beth… I’m reaching 40 this year, and I’m a married mum of two boys, living in the north west of England. That’s in the UK for those that don’t know, lol.

I have many hobbies and interests, that if I listed them all here, I would completely take over my bandwidth.

Just to give you a bit of an insight though… I enjoy gaming (I’m a gamer-gurl), reading, writing (short stories and letters to my penpals!), crafting, travelling, going on days out, baking, watching meme videos on YouTube and binge watching crap on Netflix. I’m also a qualification and certificate collector. Not even joking. I am always enrolled on some sort of online learning course… Most are accredited. Some aren’t. Most courses I complete are completely useless for what I want to do in life. Some could be useful if I changed career paths.

I’ve been told I am too sarcastic… People have to take me with a pinch of salt. I suppose I’m like Marmite. Which I hate, by the way. I’ll also add a quick disclaimer here that I have “foot IN mouth” syndrome. See the Privacy and Disclaimer page for more information.

Gning is my eldest – he’s 8 going on 14, or at least his attitude and size is. Not actually joking when it comes to his size. He’s 8 years old, and he’s already wearing 12-13 year old clothes. It’s his destiny to be the giant of the house.

Donut is my baby. He’s just turned 5 years old, although I sometimes wonder if he’s ever outgrown the Terrible Twos… Or the Threenager stage… Or the Little F*cker Fours… I suppose only time will tell.

Butter wouldn’t melt.

Also starring in my blog will be hubby. He’s this guy who I married back in 2009… I’ve known him since 1985 though! Wow! I may occasionally refer to him as Milek… He has his own gaming empire, which he’s currently in the process of setting a website up for. You can show him a little love by clicking here.

So if you’re generally keeping a parenting blog, what’s with all the Rick and Morty references..?

Where as most people would keep their children away from the likes of Rick and Morty, it is one thing that this whole family bonds over.

This blog got it’s name from one of the episodes (S3 E9: The ABC’s of Beth).

Hubby compares me to the daughter, Summer regularly, but all of us have moments where we can identify with any of the characters in the programme.

Plus, it does have some of the most memorable quotes. Ever.

Butter robot: What is my purpose?

Rick: You pass butter.

Butter robot: Oh my god.

Rick: Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.”

~S1 E9: Something Ricked This Way Comes