The Child Writer

The Child Writer

I am blessed with having a very creative mind.  Sometimes it has been a bit of a burden, and has given me a rather overactive imagination.  For example, in the past, it got to the point where I could never watch any form of horror or thriller film without completely freaking out.  They would trigger something in my brain, and if I was lucky enough to fall asleep, after going to bed, I would suffer with absolute horrific night terrors.  I was the same when I met hubby..,  Although, after I had Gning, something happened.  I don’t know what it was, but I somehow became “immune” to horror movies.  I watched MANY films, and none scare me any more.  I have even been known to scroll through Netflix and the like, to try to find something that would give me a little bit of the scare factor that I had previously!  I can happily sit alone, in the dark and watch some wayyyyy scary stuff now.  Apart from Lake Eden – that still gives me the shivers, but only because it was was too real.

Anyway, it seems that Gning has inherited my creative skills – thankfully, without the overactive imagination.


Gning loves to draw and colour.  

I have recently bought some “how to draw…” books, including how to draw mythical creatures, dinosaurs, Fortnite characters, machines (trucks and trains) and more.  He loves them, and would honestly sit for hours drawing.  


Gning also has a bit of a knack for crafting too.  He loves to try his hand at anything and everything, but particularly likes junk modelling.

I think it’s amazing when you give a child something that you would usually put in the bin, a glue stick and some pens, and see what they come up with.  The opportunities there really are endless.

Baking too!

I thank my paternal grandmother for my love of baking, and it seems to be something that Gning has…  Honestly, I think that I’m a good baker, but I am a total beginner compared to some of the things that he can create…


There’s a magazine here in the UK (may be elsewhere too, but it’s certainly published here) called “Writers Magazine”.  It’s basically as it’s title – it features various articles on how to write fiction and non-fiction pieces, has several writing activities, and also has LOTS of writing competitions…  Some are free to enter, and others you have to pay for.  

It was thanks to the May edition of this magazine that Gning decided that he wanted to start writing again.  He’s written a few short stories in the past, but because there was a cash prize (£50) on one of the competitions that was running for kids (ages 7-15), he wanted to start start writing again.

Unfortunately, he didn’t finish in time for the entry deadline, but it seemed to do the trick…  It’s ignited a love for writing.

He’s recently wrote a few articles on one of his biggest passions – gaming, so I decided that I wanted to do something for him.  Anyway, Gning now has his own blog, where he will be publishing new posts every Sunday.

Here's your call to action!

It may not be to everybody’s taste, but I would be so happy if you would please hop on over to his blog to see his work!

The site is a joint effort from me, hubby and Gning, but all blog posts are written and formatted by the Gning himself.

Comments on his post (he only has one post at the moment) would be most appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “The Child Writer

  1. This is such a cool idea to foster his love of writing! Our little one (Miss 5) likes making things for her dinosaur blog and has to ‘take photos for my blog’ when we go to any museum or just for a walk around the block. I wonder if ‘blogging’ will help Gning fall in love with other past times, like photography or making things that he then has to share the ‘recipe’ for?

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